MYO is an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt organization that exists solely to enrich the education of middle and high school aged students through music. We provide students the unique opportunity to play in a symphony orchestra under professional direction.

MYO is funded by grants, donations, ticket sales, tuition, and fundraising activities. Donations are tax deductible and are always appreciated.

If you'd like to support MYO through funds or in-kind services, please contact us. Contributions are always appreciated. Checks should be made payable to MYO and mailed to PO Box 40 • Yarmouth, Maine • 04096.  MYO funds are used to pay salaries for the conductor and coaches; to purchase music, supplies, insurance, and orchestral equipment; to rent concert halls; and to pay for publications and mailings.


  • Aurelie Bush
  • Margaret Isaacson
  • Linda & Edward Carroll
  • M. Paula Bedell
  • Toby & Joanne Cook
  • Robert & Ruth Finegold
  • James & Marybeth Ford
  • The Miller Family


  • Frank & Nancy Goodwin
  • Vivian Horoshak
  • Catherine B. Johnson
  • Lewis & Adrin Kaplan
  • Robert Hawkins
  • Charles R. Brown
  • Frosty Donut Shop
  • Cam & Betsy Niven
  • Laura Summa
  • Audrey Connor
  • Louise Gardiner


  • David & Julia O'Brien-Merrill
  • MJ & WC Trautman
  • Mary Jane & Wilbur Trautman
  • Julia Adams
  • Allen Miller
  • Gary & Cathy Robinson
  • Sue LaSala
  • Susan Cyr
  • Louis & Clarabel Marstaller


  • Alina Shumsky
  • Bill & Molly Webster
  • Erika & Beckwith
  • Nicholas & Frances Cowenhoven