Virtual Auditions

Fall Season Opening Auditions September 13,2021


All area students aged 12 to 18, who play an orchestra instrument at an intermediate to advanced level, are encouraged to audition. Auditions will be by video sent in by the each student to the email below. "Live Auditions" can be held with Zoom if preferred. Only a time for the Zoom meeting needs to be set up ahead of September 13, 2021. We usually play two formal concerts a year and have opportunities for small ensembles and community outreach concerts. Schedules will be changed as allowances are made for the safety of our students during the COVID 19 pandemic which would include virtual concerts when necessary.


All strings needed, plus flutes, clarinets, french horns,  trumpets, bassoons, oboes and percussion

Call (207) 751-8031 or Email <>  and schedule your audition.



Students should be prepared to play a short piece of their choosing, as well as scales for the conductor, Ben Richmond, the section coaches Jeanie Wester Strings and Ray Libby Winds and Percussion. Auditions are not long and are rarely more than ten minutes. Those students already in the orchestra do not need to audition each succeeding year.

Each student’s placement in the orchestra will be based on his or her audition, previous participation in the orchestra, and leadership qualities.  Every seat in the orchestra is of equal importance!  Mid-year auditions may be held on an as-needed basis.

At the discretion of the conductor, changes of chair position or rotation of parts may occur at any time in the year.

Auditions are held by appointment throughout the school year for positions not yet filled.

Rehearsals will be held virtually with Zoom until and at such time as it is safe for the Greely Middle School to have us rehearse in the Band Room.

Weekly rehearsals were held at Greely Middle School every Tuesday evening between 6:15 and 8:15 P.M.  We hope to be able to meet in person as soon as possible. 

MYO musicians are expected to attend all regularly scheduled virtual rehearsals. Attendance at dress rehearsals and concerts is mandatory virtual or in person.  Rehearsals are not held on public school vacation days. Exceptions will be be made  for illness or injury .

Musicians need to be warmed up, and ready to begin rehearsal on time.

We hope to be able to use school facilities as soon as possible, but understand that the complications due to the pandemic such as social distancing, wearing of masks and perhaps testing requirements may prolong our need to meet virtually. When we return Musicians must treat this facility with respect and remain within the designated rehearsal space.  No instrument belonging to the Middle School should be played; this includes all percussion equipment. Music stands must be returned to holders and chairs reset at the end of rehearsal.

Membership fees are set at the start of each orchestra season. This year the membership fee is $200 for the year. There is no fee to audition. Students are also expected to have a private instructor to assist them in mastering their individual music parts, and to learn their music by regular practice at home. Weekly rehearsals are devoted to playing music as a group.

All sheet music is the property of MYO, any copies sent digitally do not have to be returned. Any music mailed to students must be returned with all pencil marked erased after each concert. Never mark on music with a pen! Sheet music is a major expense for any orchestra. MYO is fortunate to have cooperative agreements with many other orchestras that allows us to borrow much of our music. When we borrow music, we are responsible for returning it to the lending organization. For this reason, musicians may be charged for lost or damaged sheet music.

Sectionals will be scheduled as needed to ensure that all of our musicians receive the instruction they need in learning each of the assigned repertoire. Woodwinds and brass will study with a sectional coach while Paul Ross will work with strings, assisted by Jeanie Wester.  These sectionals will be announced at the previous rehearsal.

For more information on membership, click on the MYO handbook link on the left hand column of this page.