MYO rehearses at Greely Middle School every Tuesday evening between 6:30 and 8:15 P.M.  Rehearsals are not held on Greely school vacation days, or if the Greely schools are closed due to weather.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time in order to be in your seat, warmed up, and ready to begin rehearsal on time.  Remember: If you arrive at the building at 6:30 p.m.,  you are late.

Students must be picked up on time at the end of rehearsal. There is no supervision of students after the end rehearsal ends, and the building is locked promptly at 8:15.

Please bring all of your music and a No. 2 pencil with eraser to all rehearsals and concerts. Never mark on your music with pen! The sheet music is the property of MYO and must be returned with all pencil marks erased after each concert.

Greely Middle School graciously allows us to rehearse in its band room.  Please treat this facility with respect and remain within the designated rehearsal space.  No instrument belonging to the School should be played; this includes all percussion equipment. Music stands must be returned to holders and chairs reset at the end of rehearsal.

Rehearsals are conducted in a supportive but professional manner.  It is essential that all orchestra members pay attention, even if some sections are not playing.  Part of playing in an orchestra is learning how other parts fit in with yours.  At times you will be expected to sit quietly while the conductor is working with other instruments. Please give your fellow musicians and the conductor the same courtesy you expect. Talking, rustling papers, laughing, popping gum, etc., are disruptive as well as unprofessional.


Sectionals will be scheduled as needed to ensure that all of our musicians receive the instruction they need in learning each of the assigned repertoire. Woodwinds and brass will study with a sectional coach, while Paul Ross will work with strings.  These sectionals will be announced at the previous rehearsal.

A MYO Board member or parent will be available at each rehearsal to answer questions and lend assistance. We will be glad to answer your questions or listen to your concerns.  If you have questions or need assistance, speak up.   Don’t ever be afraid to ask a question; someone else is probably wondering the same thing you are!