Conductor Job Posting

February 2019

This position has been filled for the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Season


Job Description

Maine Youth Orchestra (“MYO”)


Duties and Responsibilities

• Work closely with MYO’s sectional coach(es) and Board of Trustees to provide a non-competitive but disciplined, educational, and enriching experience for young musicians within commuting distance of Yarmouth, Maine.

• Co-ordinate with the Board of Trustees to schedule and administer auditions once in the fall and once (as necessary) in the spring during each MYO orchestral season.

• With the Board of Trustees, schedule the concert and event dates for the MYO orchestral season. These concerts and events may include a winter holiday concert, a spring concert, a joint concert, or various outreach and small ensemble performances.

• Attend Board of Trustee meeting at the beginning of the school year and as practical every other month thereafter.

• Rehearse weekly during the school year as published by the Greely School Academic Calendar and conduct concerts as scheduled by the Conductor and the Board of Trustees. [Note: If the Conductor is unable to attend a scheduled rehearsal or concert, the Conductor shall be responsible for finding a substitute who is acceptable to the Board of Trustees. Any compensation for a concert substitute shall be the Conductor’s sole responsibility.]

• Communicate with orchestra members regarding rehearsal expectations.

• Conduct the full orchestra from 6:20 to 8:15 on Tuesday evenings at the designated location as agreed upon by the Board of Trustees and the Conductor.

• Ensure attendance is completed at all rehearsals and be notified about absences.

• Select music appropriate for the performance level of the students for each orchestra concert with librarian and if purchasing music is necessary consult with the Board of Trustees.

• Coordinate with librarian regarding the arrangement and transposing of music for full orchestra, as needed.

• Communicate with the Board of Trustees for scheduling, planning, publicity and program information, percussion set-up, student availability, and personnel schedules.

• With MYO’s sectional coach(es) and the Board of Trustees, help to recruit new musicians and actively promote MYO to the local and regional communities with the objective of developing a strong and well-balanced orchestra.

• With the Board of Trustees, approve the selection of wind or strings coach before they are offered a contract.